Tom Peagler

"I had lower back surgery two years ago. I see Steven at least once or twice a month for stretching and mobility work (hamstrings, hips, low back). I attribute Steve's stretching techniques to vast improvements in my range of motion and mobility as well as decreases in pain. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional in his approach to Stretch Therapy. Highly recommend!"


Vanessa Edwards

"I met Steven and have been using his services at Revive for over a year now. I am a local personal trainer here in Nashville and once I discovered what Revive can do for my body I started and still do promote and refer my clients to use their services. Revive has changed the way I recover and prepare for my daily workouts and simply feel good in my everyday life activities . Most importantly they unlock my ability to move and perform at my best. As a professional in my industry, I push my body and stay active almost everyday. Revive unlocks my strength to keep me doing what I love. I love to move well and to move often. That is and will always be my goal as a professional and as a everyday person. I have a holistic approach to maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle and Revive is a huge piece of that lifestyle that supports my goal. 

If you are looking to simply feel better at work or at home, Revive is a must to experience and to add into your lifestyle. Whether you're an athlete, a mom, or a working professional, you need to move well to stay in your game. Revive is a great place to start moving better and a step to taking better care of yourself. You will leave feeling like a new person."


Josh Phillips

"I’ve struggled with back issues for years. Including several days in the hospital back in 2012. When I decided to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro last year, I knew I had to dedicate myself to improving my back or I could be in serious trouble! So I sought out the help from the best people I could find. One of those amazing professionals in Blake. For most of last year I saw Blake every 1-2 weeks for what I like to call a 'stretchy massage.' Not the relaxing kind with Enya music but the kind where he twists and stretches you to give better range of motion and alleviate pressure on certain areas like the back. Blake is very skilled and knowledgeable and is also a great guy! If you have back issues, need to be more flexible or just want a quality stretch massage, I can’t recommend Blake enough! He was a huge part of my summit success!"


Bryan Russell

"As an endurance runner, massage is a big part of training and recovery for me. I have had countless relaxation and sports massages during my time as a runner, but I have never ever had a sports massage as therapeutic and effective as those I have gotten from Molly. Since my first massage with Molly in 2015, I have twice qualified for the Boston Marathon, and I have also run a PR at every distance I’ve raced during that time. I genuinely don’t think much of that would have been possible without Molly. I recommend her to every runner I know and I can honestly say I have never, ever had a better quality massage in my life. Molly is both an absolute professional and wonderful human being; anyone considering a massage with her will be beyond thrilled with the experience."